Ten Cold Knowledge about “Toyota”

What do you think of when you talk about the first impression of a Japanese car? The first thing that comes to mind is naturally Toyota. For the eighth consecutive year, Toyota ranks first in the global brand value list of Japanese companies, and has become a representative of the Japanese manufacturing world. As the only company that can compete with the public, Toyota has a high hot topic in the automotive circle. Whether you are a black Toyota or a Toyota, you may wish to take a look at the ten cold knowledge about Toyota in this issue.

  1. Toyota is a traditional hereditary enterprise

Today’s big companies rarely maintain the tradition of hereditary system, and Honda has stated that the president’s son must leave Honda because it will distract other employees. Toyota has been the president of Toyota’s surname since the founder of the early generation, history of toyota japanese cars. Even the son-in-law must enter the Toyota family, and the surname of Toyota can be the president. The first generation president, Toyota Saki, pioneered the Toyota Group, which makes a living from textiles. His son, Toyota Kiichiro, founded “TOYOTA” and became the second president of Toyota. Hiroyuki’s brother-in-law, Toyota Saburo, was appointed as the first president of Toyota Motor. The cousin Toyota Eiji is the fifth president of Toyota Motor. The eldest son is the sixth generation president of Toyota Motor and the third generation leader of the Toyota family. Its fourth-generation leader is Akio Toyoda, who is also the eleventh-generation president.

  1. Toyota has a special city – Toyota City

Toyota’s industry is so huge, even a city named after the company – Toyota City. The original name of Toyota City is Megumi City, which is a subordinate city of Aichi Prefecture in Japan. Like the Detroit of the United States, it is an industrial city with the automotive industry as its core development. The Toyota Group has 10 automobile factories and 1,240 cooperative factories here. 62% of the city’s population is the personnel and family members of Toyota Motor Corporation and its subsidiaries. The wages of people who can live in Toyota City are not low. The average annual output value of each employee in the company is 130,000 US dollars (about 880,000 RMB), which is the highest in the world.

Toyota’s huge parts company

As the largest car company in the world, Toyota has many auto parts subsidiaries. These companies are not from Toyota, or Toyota holds a large number of shares. Including Toyota Textile, mainly related to the vehicle seat business. JTEKT is the new company that merged with the former Koyo Seiko and the original Toyota machine, and has the world’s number one steering system market share. Aisin Seiki Toyota has a 22.2% shareholding and is a leading company specializing in automatic transmissions. Denso (DENSO) is a company independent from Toyota. It has a wide range of businesses, including fuel management systems, radiators, spark plugs, instrument clusters, and filters. There are also some parts companies of the same type, and almost every car on the market will have parts from Toyota’s holding subsidiaries. So please don’t take patriotism as an excuse to pick up the car. First, see if your car has any parts related to Toyota.

  1. Toyota has invited the Abe platform

Toyota’s face is big enough to invite national leaders to speak for them. Mirai, a hydrogen-fueled energy vehicle developed after 8 years, is asking Abe to speak. Mirai is important to Toyota, and Toyota will be the first product after Panasonic’s fuel cell technology. It is also a new energy source for another mass-produced car after lithium battery, and has received more than 1,500 orders without listing. But please ask someone like Abe to make a speech that makes people feel unclear. Probably because Toyota cares about the US market, the pro-American Abe is the best representative. But small, I can’t accept it as a Chinese. I don’t know if Toyota has considered the image in China.

  1. The origin of the LC series cannot be separated from the US military

The LC series, the land cruiser, can be said to be Toyota’s current product in off-road vehicles. I have won a lot of honors, or the first car in history that can climb Mount Fuji. The LC70 is also very popular and is in mass production in the Middle East. However, the origin of the LC series cannot be separated from the US military and cannot be separated from the war. Land Rover is based on Jeep, and the land tour is also. During the Korean War, the US military commissioned Japan to produce 100 Jeep off-road vehicles, so Toyota was ordered to manufacture. After seeing through the Jeep series, Toyota began to produce its own LC series, which has become the most successful model of Toyota today.

  1. Toyota 2000GT is the first Japanese car that foreigners value.

The early Japanese cars were very similar to Chinese cars in the eyes of foreigners, and they had the feeling of copying and shoddy. In order to enhance the image of Japanese manufacturing, Toyota launched a sports car-2000GT that can compete with European manufacturers. The car is equipped with a mainstream inline six-cylinder engine and a three-speed automatic transmission at the time, and can reach a top speed of 135 mph at 150 hp. When it went public in 1966, it broke the FIA’s 16 endurance tests and continued on the yatabe track for 72 hours. Moreover, the car is the first Japanese car in the Bond 007 movie, and Toyota has paid enough for propaganda. At that time, the Toyota 2000GT was called the most expensive Asian-made car in history, and the price of $7230 was no more than the price of Jaguar E-TYPE ($5,549) and Porsche 911 ($6,180). Nowadays it is also the most expensive Asian-made car in history. The car collection company RMAuctions sold a 67-year 2000GT for $1.2 million.

7.AE86 is not the last coupe of Toyota Corolla

For the AE86, many people know that I can’t think of it as a Corolla that is now a bad street. Xiaomo has imagined having an AE86 while studying. Is there any successor model? Really! The AE86 is the fourth-generation Corolla platform, followed by the fifth-generation AE92, the sixth-generation AE101, and the seventh-generation AE111. Although it was followed by the FF drive, the AE111 and so on appeared in major events before the end of production in 2000. The Black Top 4A-GE can be modified to output more than 180 horsepower. The first letter D is the 240A 4A-GE that was replaced by the AE86. It is the AE111 Group A racing engine developed by the US TRD Division.

  1. The Crystal of Volkswagen and Toyota Love – Volkswagen TARO

Once upon a time, Toyota and Volkswagen were not dead, and De powder and Japanese powder had not had such a big hatred. In the 1980s, Toyota and Volkswagen had a lot of cooperation, including the German-born Japanese car Volkswagen TARO. In order to improve the blank of the 1 ton pickup truck, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle was authorized by Toyota to introduce the Hannover plant in Germany. It is itself a Toyota car, Hailax, and Volkswagen wants to explore the Middle East market. The Taro pickup truck that hangs the Volkswagen standard was discontinued in 1997 because the sales volume was not up to expectations. The people in the Middle East seem to only recognize the Toyota standard.

  1. Toyota’s cheapest gullwing door model – sera

The 1990s was the golden age of Japanese cars, and many manufacturers had a lot of trot. Among them is Toyota Sera, a small sports car specially prepared for young people. The 1.5L naturally aspirated engine has only 110PS horsepower, 4AT, front-mounted front, and the cheap Starlet chassis, which means that the sera has no performance highlights. The real buying point lies in its large curved glass and gull-wing doors. Sera can be said to be the most distinctive model in 1990. Since Toyota did not intend to mass-produce at first, many of the components on the body were made of fiber, which reduced the weight of the car and reduced the investment in production. However, due to the high cost, the car was discontinued in 1994.

  1. Toyota has never won a Le Mans annual championship.

Like other big manufacturers, Toyota is very keen on motorsport, and its cross-country competition, WRC has won the annual championship. Only the 24 Hours of Le Mans has never won the championship, especially the black three minutes of the LMP1 group this year. Originally 2016 was Toyota’s closest year to the championship. Although the TS050 Hybrid was better than Porsche in absolute lap time, the excellent fuel consumption allowed Toyota to reduce the number of pit stops to win time. In particular, in the last 8th hour, the Porsche 1 car overheated due to a pump failure, resulting in two hours in the repair room and bid farewell to the championship. The second-ranked No. 2 car in the rankings did not have any hope. As a result, the Toyota No. 5, which led the race in the 23rd hour and 57 minutes, suddenly failed, allegedly because of a turbine-related problem. No matter how Le Mans does not call the 23 hours and 57 minutes endurance race, Toyota still has not won a Le Mans championship. Toyota has created myths in many fields, such as Alpha in the MPV market, land patrol and Prado in the off-road market, Corolla and Camry in the sedan market, and 86 in the sports car market. In addition to Highlander in the SUV market, Toyota This new RAV4 has also become a big hit.

In the first half of 2018, the global RUV sales list, Toyota RAV4 successfully defeated Nissan Qijun and Honda CR-V. In China, sales of RAV4 have remained at around 12,000 units, and the product performance is comprehensive. For consumers, the most concerned is the replacement of RAV4. The new generation of RAV4 is built with the new TNGA platform, and the changes are still worthy of attention.The biggest highlight of the new car is that the entire system will be equipped with a hybrid system consisting of a 2.5L engine + a dual motor + NiMH battery pack, and the fuel version will no longer be available separately. Matching the 8AT gearbox, the overall is consistent with the new Camry. The new car will also be equipped with a four-wheel drive system. The fuel economy of this set of power has been appreciated on the Camry. The fuel consumption of the city is about 8L and the speed of less than 6L is 100km.In terms of appearance, the new generation of RAV4 has become more sharp, and the more layered design has formed a clear contrast with the previous generation. This design will also make it more attractive in the entire compact SUV market. In addition, the new RAV4 is expected to offer two styles of exterior kits, one is a cross-country style kit with black rubbing strips, black rims, and a sporty style kit with normal paint and silver rims.

The interior part, which also adopts the most popular fashion design style, is young and simple. It is worth mentioning that the new generation RAV4 will come standard with the Toyota TSS Smart Line Safety System, and the European version will also be equipped with the eCall Emergency Contact System. Even entry-level models will come standard with 17-inch aluminum alloy wheels, roof racks, full LED headlights, one-button start, 7-inch floating central control panel and 4.2-inch TFT full-color LCD instrument panel. There will also be a driving mode selection system with a certain off-road capability.The only regret is that according to the introduction speed of FAW Toyota, the time for the new generation of RAV4 to be listed in Ch